Decided on a quieter day today.

Black Forest or lost.

Friday 3rd June 2016

Just spent time local to the Village today, went to the Dorotheen Huette in Wolfach

Nice shop and Cafe though the prices in the Christmas shop especially were on the steep side, the cheapest Glass baubles that I saw were  €9.99 . by the time we’d been through the shop and seen little that stated it was actually made here, we’d gone of the idea of a factory tour so had a drink in the Cafe and went back to Schiltach.

Wandered through the Village and found the Post Office, got stamps for postcards and I got some more cash out for the journey home and as a starter for the next time we venture abroad. Found another cafe in the village, this time on the other side of the second river (The Schiltach River) the Konditorie Cafe Bachbeck on Bachstrasse. BFG was a Sponge and Torte confection, and the ‘milk’ was creamer again. The young Lady that served us went off duty and was replaced for payment by a nice chap from Croydon!

After our now customary lunch we retired once more to read and snooze.

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