Last day in the Black Forest.

Black Forest or lost.

Saturday 4th June 2016

Drove to the Supermarket at the Eastern edge of the Village, got some more Milk for Tea in our room and crossed the road for Diesel for the car. Returned to the Hotel and parked up then walked into the Village centre and visited the Apothecary Museum at last! ( ) I found this one to be better than the one that is part of the operating theatre Museum in St Thomas’ Hospital in London, Very interesting though all the labels are in German, it is self evident what most things are. Everything from Pestles and Mortars and Pill Rolling racks to their own small printing machine for bottle labels! Very worth going.

When we came out it would have been rude to pass the Coffee Bean Cafe as they are also in the market square, so we had to have one last BFG!

That’s enough activity today as I am starting the drive home tomorrow so again back to the Hotel to pack.

After packing. Flopped out for the rest of the afternoon before our last evening meal on site, Ulrich really is a good Chef, and His presentation is amazing.

Only one glass of Wine each tonight, (normally share a bottle) as I’m driving all day tomorrow.

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