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Another Grey Day

09 May 2017


Brilliant sunshine Yesterday, Walking round in just a Polo Shirt (And Trousers) as it was so warm and decided to forgo the Tee shirt (Vest) today as well, as I was hanging my washing out on the line at 7a.m. in my PJ’s quite comfortably.

That’ll serve me right, it’s now overcast and a nippy breeze as I arrive at Lands End Airport for another trip over to the Isles of Scilly.

Now that is something you don’t see everyday, well not on the Apron of an Airport anyway! OK it is only a small airfield here with only one destination and owned and run by the Airline, but it IS designated as an Airport!   Looks like they are installing another Fuel bunker, maybe they’re fed up with trailing hoses around in front of the Terminal windows or just can’t cope properly once the air traffic from here increased since the Heliport in Penzance closed a few Years ago.    That could get interesting as another company is starting to clear land for another Heliport at Penzance!

The driver didn’t wear a Hard Hat whilst working with the Crane, now he’s moving the Truck on the Apron and Taxiway with no Yellow flashy Beacon. Only in Cornwall! Anywhere else and the Unions would have called in the Health & Safety people and stopped work. OK he had a Guy with a Radio check out it was ok with the tower to move, but rules is rules and I used to have to jump through all sorts of hoops on airfields both Military and Civilian when ‘up country’.

Going to St.Martins again, to fit some parts that we Estimated for when I came a Fortnight ago, later flight at 10:35 so will have about 4 hours on the Island to work in, the rest of the day is travel.

Bit later start than Yesterday, Left home today at 8:20 (9:30 at Lands End) Yesterday I had a phone call from the Alarm monitoring company for Work, 03:44 “Morning Andy, wake up the Burglar alarm’s going off” The young Lady at the other end of the phone was so awake and fresh sounding I could easily have strangled Her!   False Alarm as usual, told the Boss to get the outside lights fixed or He can go out next time. (Our office is in a dead end of a trading estate with no public lighting and with the vehicles parked right outside the door, it gets scary shadows in the middle of the night.)

Arrived on the Islands ok, again was the only passenger on the transfer across to St Martins from St Marys, got onto the Quay at the Hotel and saw an old customer walking down to meet me. “Hey Scottie, you’re on the wrong Island” says I, boy it gets confusing when customers staff flit around, I’m never sure then if I’ve got the right names or not!

This is the Karma, St Martins, as you can see the Sun has come out now!


This is the Sea facing side of the Hotel.


How’s this for a spot for lunch?

Yes that is white sand, the Terrace is sand and the Concrete path in the photos is the road on this island! I have had my lunch out here in the past and yes, I do know how lucky I am, don’t forget I get paid for this!

Got the jobs done I came over for, and even cast an Eye over another machine too, had a lift over the Island to the other Quay as it is now Too High a tide to embark safely at the local one…


When I got off the boat this morning, I was at the end of the Quay where that pole is.


(Sorry about the hand trying to shade the camera on the ‘Phone, but you get the Idea just How local the Quay is)

 …and got straight onto the Jet boat again. Once again was the only passenger, I could get used to this first class treatment! To make it even better the Sun has come out now as well. Got off at the Quay at St. Marys and as I was sat in the sun waiting for my lift back up to the Airport just had to have a tub of locally made Ice-cream. This Ice-cream is a bit special as not only is it absolutely delicious, it’s made from the most Westerly Cows in England at the most westerly Dairy! Troytown Farm, St.Agnes.

Managed to get a few pictures of the Harbour on St Marys, The Yellow and Blue boat tied up at the Quayside is ‘Cyclone’ my water Taxi today.


The Yellow boat in the middle of the Harbour is the Ambulance, funded locally and also used to ferry the medical staff around between the Islands if needed.


And that’s the Lifeboat off to the Left with the old lifeboat House above the Ambulance.

Arrived back up at the Airport in glorious sunshine and had a leisurely wait to check in then board the Skybus back to Cornwall.


This is St Marys Airport, Yup that’s it, Arrivals at the Left and Cafe at the Right with Departures in the centre


I’m stood in the outdoor area of the Cafe next to a picnic bench, that’s a ‘Plane parking bay on the Apron, with Runway light just beyond it, 


And that’s the view out of the window at the other side of the Cafe, the Young Lady is waiting for the plane to park and she is ready with the wheel chocks. 

A Big plane this time, and a much smoother flight back than two weeks ago!

This is the Terminal at Lands End, welcome to Cornwall!


A bit hazy, but it was taken with my phone through a plastic window in the plane.

An uneventful drive home, just as well as I didn’t want any, tomorrow is my Birthday and I’d like a quiet one if I may!