Well, THAT was unexpected! (Part 3)

Thursday 20th September 2018

Didn’t go back into work today, quite a bit of pain after being prodded and poked, didn’t sleep too well last night either.

Friday 21st September 2018

Went back today, after hitting the painkillers and anti-inflammatories yesterday, much better today.

I know I only had my cast on for 1½ weeks, but it is amazing how exposed my wrist and forearm feel without it! Have had instructions not to wear a sling, so spent most of the day with my thumb hooked in the front pocket of my trousers.

James wants to get home on time tonight, so dropped me off early. went indoors, checked for mail and found a letter from the Physiotherapy Dept at Barncoose Hospital, with instructions to ring them for an appointment, and also a form to fill in with my version of what the problems were. Rang them straight away and booked an appointment for next Wednesday at 9:00.

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Had a PJ day today, doing the bare minimum at home and being very careful how I move my arm and wrist, and not to attempt to lift things at present until I’ve been to see the Physio. Spent quite a time laid on my sofa reading Mrs Kindle!

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Went and did my weekly Grocery shop at Tesco this morning, on my return I got the stepladder out of the shed and took down one of my Hanging Flower baskets as one of it’s Three hanging chains has detached and it is more than a little pissed!  Didn’t do a lot else today.

Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th September 2018

Back to work again, I’m getting used to being able to move my hand and wrist again and actually used a screwdriver again for the first time! Now that is a bigger step than you may think, as it involves twisting the radial head whilst under load, first time for 5½ Weeks!  A bit tight, the Radial Head not the screw! went home Tuesday feeling very positive and with a matching expectation of my visit to Physio tomorrow.

Wednesday 26th September 2018

Ah, Physio! Met Dave, my Physio at 09.00, and stayed with him for 40 to 45 minutes, certainly got my money’s worth! Dave had a good feel around the offending elbow area and also my whole hand, not just the wrist, and then proceeded to test the limits very gently of how much movement I have at present whilst he felt for any irregularities.

Dave is very pleased with my recovery so far, when pushed into the pain I have pretty much full movement of my Radial Head and although I have limited up and down movement of my wrist, this seems to be due to wear and tear and Arthritis as against any recent injury.  We agreed to meet again next Wednesday, and an appointment was made for then, and we discussed doing more and more in the meantime and a rough timescale for a full return to my job. Dave also explained that although the bone should be fully knitted together by 6 to 7 weeks after the accident, it could take up to a Year for full healing to take place, and I have to be very careful in the meantime.

I’m taking this whole episode as a wake-up call, I’ve been pushing my luck with my strength and limbs all my working life, in the early Years I did a lot of things that I now regret, and worked many Years for too many hours a week often without enough recovery time between work days. When you are young, older colleagues advise you to pace yourself, to use specialist and lifting equipment instead of brute strength etc. I wish I had listened!

Recently, in the last 10 Years or so, I’ve torn a calf muscle, Injured my Right Knee. Had ‘varicose veins’ in my Left Retina, fractions of a millimetre from the Macular that took Laser surgery to burst the Veins individually over a period of months and as a result have only a small amount of my stereo Vision remaining, though without the treatment I was about to lose all sight in that Eye and consequently my job. Had to have my droopy upper eyelid lifted so I could see past it. Have had some very strong almost blinding headaches that took a bit of diagnosing, and now this escapade. For pity’s sake, I’m only 63!

After I got out of the Hospital, I went home and after making a pot of tea, sat and recovered for a while. We are relatively quiet at work, and they didn’t have anyone to pair me with today so took a full day.

Thursday 27th September 2018

Back at work, went round with James C, we did a flat 8 hour day so I’m not losing any overtime.

Friday 28th September 2018

Office time today, sat with James while he carried out some of his assignments and answered questions from him when he wasn’t sure. This is good, there are assessments at the end of the course, and the Idea is that you can show that you can either know the regulations and ‘best practice’ off by heart, or find out the relevant information there and then. A good morning well spent for both of us.

James had to go out to do a couple of calls local to his home this afternoon, so I was asked if I could go out to a couple of jobs, one a Detergent System adjustment and the other a reprogramming of a coin-operated Drier.

Well, one screw to undo and then retighten on the Detergent Pumps, and then a bit of button pushing for 5 minutes, an Hour and 10 minutes drive to get there, then another hour and a bit to the next one with a key turn and 3 buttons to push, then 45 minutes drive home was a pretty gentle slide to being out on my own again.  Even so, by the time I got home my Elbow and wrist were letting me know all about it, not painful as such, but definitely aching!

Signed off and called in the Chippy on the way home.

Had to adapt at bedtime as is usual since the Accident as I normally lay on my Right side to read my Kindle, and this has been painful to do, just lately I have been able to do it again. but not tonight!


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