Monthly Archives: Oct 2016

Ok it’s work but it’s still overseas 

Left home this morning at 6:15 and drove West almost to the end of Cornwall,  got on a ‘Plane and flew 28 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, got off the Plane (after it Landed) and caught a minibus to the Quay on St. Marys then a ‘Jet’ boat a couple of miles further to get off on the Private Holiday Island of Tresco!

Shame I’m here for work really, I couldn’t afford to come and stay here otherwise. 

That’s a view of the Lands End peninsula  from the Terminal at the Airport,  taken through the early morning mist  so a bit fuzzy. 

Somebody has to do it. 

11 Oct 2016

Today I have had to Fly to the Isles of Scilly, 28 Miles out west of England in the North Atlantic.
A struggle I know but somebody has to come and repair the Laundry Equipment over here, and I don’t mind in good weather, Unfortunately it is not always good weather!

Good today though, and got better as the day went on.  On a Sunny day the Islands could be in the Caribbean though a little cooler though still in the Gulf Stream waters.

I was working on St Marys, the main one of the 5 inhabited Islands today, so no boat trips needed, not a bad thing as it’s blowing a Force 5-6 and the water is a bit choppy with nothing to divert the waves after the USA!