Lots of old houses and even more Kids

Thursday 2nd June 2016

Went to the Open Air Museum today, http://en.vogtsbauernhof.de/ very reminiscent of the Weald and Downland Museum on the Hampshire Sussex Surrey borders. It is just off the main road with a lovely car park but of course Three different nationalities of Coaches parked there.

Some toe-rags had burgled the ticket machine and left it out of commission so we had to pay the exorbitant fee of €2 for a full days parking when buying the tickets at the main entrance. These tickets are the book mark shape size and feel out of thin card, what a good idea!

Had a look round the first half, then with lunchtime approaching and a school party threatening to fill the next exhibit, we had to try out the Tea and Cake! Best cake so far by my reckoning, equal amounts of cake and cream and a layer of ‘proper’ cherries at the bottom, not jam or jelly.


That’s a 10” plate and a full size Dinner fork! No mucking about here then, and all for €3.00.

After suitable refreshment we continued our tour, ending at a snack and Ice cream kiosk near the picnic area. How do these Primary school staff find the patience?

Fantastic site with examples of houses and mills, workshops etc. from all over the Black Forest and well worth the €20 including the €2 car parking that we paid to get in. Even got their own railway station!

On the way back to Schiltach, we stopped at a roadside Gasthaus/Cafe http://www.loewen-gutach.de/ for a drink and something light to eat, both chosing from the ‘light bites’ part of the menu I had a turkey strips salad.

Returned to Schiltach, noting the signs for ‘The DorotheenHutte’ as we went past Wolfach. Interest peaked, looked it up.. It’s a Glassworks with a shop and visitor centre.

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