What can I say about me and this Blog? Well, I’ve been toying with the Idea of Blogging for a while now, and have tentatively written Diaries of a couple of holidays anSnapshot_20160709d visits though never published any of it, the intention of this Blog is to do just that and publish any diary events that I get round to writing.

I am a Middle aged Fella, (though my body says I’m 84 I am really only 63) and live in the Western end of Cornwall, UK. 

Well now, that’s changed, I’m now 66 and living back in Hampshire.

I have been Married to Julie since 1976, and it remains the best thing I ever did.

We have Two Daughters, (did have Three but Jacqui our Youngest Died a few Years ago) and a Grandson Jake.

Julie and the Girls (and Jake) all live in Hampshire too, ( it was some 225 Miles from me,) a long story behind that, Illness, a Baby, a Death, it all conspires against you the best-laid plans.

I was a Field Service Engineer for a local company selling Commercial Laundry Equipment, but Retired in 2021, Yay! 

I have a simple philosophy in life, it comes from a quote that I read somewhere and I seem to remember it was from Peter Pan, though I’m probably wrong in that. “Become an Adult if you must, just promise me this  Never Grow Up Grown-ups are boring.”

Living in a relatively small enclosed community like West Cornwall I DID have to be VERY careful what I post and about whom, but please remember, I’m doing this for me… You are just being Nosy!

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