Well, THAT was unexpected! (Part 2)

Over the Weekend between my Fracture Clinic appointments, I was chatting with one of my close Neighbours, and She offered to run me over to Treliske Hospital for this next Appointment. Our bus service around here is pretty dire, Walk up a 1 in 5 hill for ½ Mile, catch the bus, sit on it for an hour then walk uphill for a further   ¹/3 mile and collapse in a heap in the hospital Reception! Yes, I answered I’d love a lift!

Monday 17th September 2018

Got collected for work by James again, and after the first job, we had to go to the office so that I could swap Jameses! It had been decided that this James would drop me off and the existing workload too and return to his own area as we now had someone to cover the Gas work for him. (Don’t ask, it gets all office and company politics and I need this job for the next 2¾Years!) Met up with The other James, our workshop technician, who was out with me on the road as an apprentice, and we went to my house in his little van and collected mine as he doesn’t carry a spares stock nor have the breadth of tools and equipment that I do.

Spent the rest of the day drinking tea and chatting with customers, I don’t have to keep an eye on this James as he knows what he’s doing and what to tell customers etc.

Tuesday was out with young James again, only had to make a couple of suggestions etc. Almost like a day off (but not really of course).

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Amanda, my Neighbour collected me at 10:25 and drove me to Treliske, dropped me off at a layby by the front door and went off with Her 17-Year-old 2nd Daughter until it was time to come back and collect me.

So, round to Fracture clinic for my 11am appointment got there at 10:55 so Ideal timing.

Well, 1¼ Hour wait does make a bit of a mockery out of having appointments, and then when I saw the Dr, (different Fella this time) He told me that they would be taking off the Cast as the breaks in my wrist are historic and not recent. ‘What about the pain I’m getting when I try and do things with it then?’
“Ah, that is related to the second problem that I’ve identified in your elbow Sir, Your recovery from the Radial head fracture may take longer due to your Osteo Arthritis.”
‘What Osteo Arthritis?’ “Oh it is quite pronounced in both areas and the main reason that you are getting the pain now, still the break is healing so that’s ok, that’s all we deal with here”.  (I have had a barrage of tests in the last few Years for both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my local Doctors have been telling me that no, I don’t have either of them! Told this Dr about this, and he made sure it was put on my notes that I definitely DO have Osteo.)
He gave me a referral form for the Physio’s at Barncoose Hospital as that is the nearest to me and took me through himself to get my cast off. What about driving etc? “Not a problem, just don’t pull on that arm until the six weeks are up, but be careful and you should be ok”. Thank goodness for power steering then.

Amanda came and collected me and after getting home and a cup of tea, I took my form to Barncoose to find they had a lock-out due to a non-resetting fire alarm! Finally found someone to hand my form to and will wait for an appointment to come.
NOT my best day! I drove 15 miles in the Afternoon, and my wrist and Elbow are still painful today (Thursday 20th) (Mind you, had my wrist protected in a cast for 9 Days). Back to Work tomorrow and we’ll see how we go. Took full strength Ibuprofen and Tryping this hasn’t hurt at all, nor has a full range of movements, but I can’t load my wrist of course because of the Radial Head!

I wonder how long into the 4½ weeks recovery time it will be before my employer gets fed up and tells me to work fully? The Arthritis I can cope with by using Ibuprofen, the Fracture is a different matter, if that does not heal correctly then I WON’T be able to do my job at all. Maybe if he does insist then I should start taking notice of those annoying Claimline TV adverts? I’ve got less than 3 years to go and don’t want to leave on a sour note though.





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