Looking forward to seeing my Wife


Black Forest or lost.

Thursday 26th May 2016

Travel up country.

Given a lift to Camborne Railway station by my friend and Neighbour Chris and Sue, his Wife after I had told him my plans a few days before and he asked how I was getting to the Station and he was shocked I’d even considered a Taxi.

Caught the 10:23 GWR train to Reading, First class as booked with a reserved seat and table.

Plenty of passes by the beverage and snacks trolley, hot drinks or water are free as are the biscuits, (Cornish grown Tea and Cornish shortbread of course) but sandwiches are of course charged or ransomed more like (a round of Beef and Horseradish for £4:80, I can get a GOOD pasty for £2:40).

I do like the new Leather seats, and the two usb sockets as well as the 13A socket above the single table I had, (rear facing as requested Well, you can’t be too sure on this route) I had my Laptop on most of the way on this leg, playing patience and when the WiFi allowed following the route on Google Maps. OK I know I’m an Anorak, that’s me and you can put up with it!

Getting off at Reading, should have had 17 Minutes to find the correct platform, change levels twice and get on the Train to Basingstoke. Should, but we had got held at Thatcham, and were 5 Minutes late arriving… Made it ok though and got a seat ok.

Arrived at Basingstoke on time, having sent Julie a text when we passed through Bramley (Hampshire, not Sussex or Surrey) and there was my car with Chauffeur waiting for me outside the station. ( I thought a Female Chauffeur was a Chauffess but not according to 3 dictionaries, it’s the same name for He or She!)

We waited at Eldest Daughter’s house for Her to come home with Grandson Jake from School then we escaped up to Julie’s little flat where I stay when I’m ‘Up country’.

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