A day off?


Black Forest or lost.

Friday 27th May 2016

Rest Day!

We took the Eldest Daughter Shopping @ Sainsburys, and to get some Straw for Her menagerie on the way back,followed by Tea and cream cake consumption (Just to get in practice, honest governor) and then hid back at Julie’s flat while she packed her Case and overnight bag.

I then loaded the car up with both our Large cases and heavy jackets so in the Morning we’d just have our Overnight holdalls, my Laptop (for planning days out) and our light jackets and cardies to load.

Programmed the Satnav with our 2 Day journey, Waypoint @ Cologne then onto Schiltach.

Checked and double checked we’d got everything, as there’s always something we leave behind.

Saturday 28th May 2016

Basingstoke to Cologne.

Woke up Mrs Lady in the Satnav and Set off at around 6:15 – 20, a couple of minutes later than planned but what the Heck, we’m O’Noliday! Drove up the M3 then M25 Anticlockwise, M20 to Maidstone Services (Nowhere near Maidstone) for Breakfast and a break then down to J11a Channel Tunnel Terminal.

The automatic machine was out of use at the lane I chose so we spoke to a young Lady who gave us an earlier Train but with enough time for using the services etc. Which we did.

On to the train and off again ok, straight onto the Autoroute, Easy, can’t go wrong, can you?

After driving for quite a while, we looked at each other and both said that we didn’t recognise where we are, but Mrs Lady in the Satnav was adamant we was going the right way.

Pulled off into a layby and checked the Maps, Guess what? Yup, you’ve guessed it, silly Mrs Satnav forgot the Waypoint and was sending us straight to the Black Forest via Strasbourg!

Good job my Julie can read a map and change plans en-route then! We only had my Europe map in the car, didn’t think I’d need the France one…. Julie got us across to Brussels via Lens and the R0 ok so we stopped for a Tea at the services just before the Mad Ring-road began.

Uneventful remainder of the journey to the Karsten, our Hotel of choice near Cologne http://hotelkarsten.de/?lang=en, we like it here and have used them as a journey break and a weeks stay (Christmas markets, P+R station 1 Mile away) before so know the staff to talk to and their Booking.com rating is always above 8.5, and we’ve never had a bad night or breakfast.

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