2018 Holiday Days 7, 8, 9 & 10

Thursday 05/07/18  Rest day

Why do I feel tired and worn out? I’m meant to be on Holiday! Oh, that’d be yesterdays excursion then!

The weather is damp today, Ok first thing it was pi**ing down but by lunchtime it had tailed off a bit so we took the car off in search of lunch, stopping at the shop on the way out of the village to get more milk for our Twinings.

We stopped off in Seewalchen am Attersee, the next village up and after parking had a wander in search of food (Cake). The rain had now stopped so we took an outside table at the Klimt Cafe by the Yacht club https://www.dasklimt.at/  housed in the ground floor of the Gustav Klimt Centre along with a chemist (Useful for Ibuprofen) and a rather posh Ladies accessories shop.

Gustav Klimt was a rather famous artist (apparently) who stayed in this area for part of his life and in most of the touristy bits round here you see references to his work, He used to sit in a boat on the Lake and sketch what he saw of the local scenes from there, so providing sketches and then paintings that were quite unique. I cannot even draw a house so I’m not qualified to criticise, so let’s leave it that I’m not enthusiastic!

The Klimt Cafe, however, I am enthusiastic about! As well as the indoor seating, there is a surrounding terrace with a glass canopy where we sat, a very large gazebo that abuts the canopy and a lawn with tables and parasols, we selected cakes from the refrigerated display inside along with a pot of Tea each. The Teapots we have seen before, being of the type that actually sits on top of the cup, the cup is about 3″ across at the rim and we got a good 2 cupfuls from each pot of good ‘English Breakfast’ tea and a small jug of milk each.

It’s quite a genuinely posh cafe, complete with the standard huddles of ‘Ladies who Lunch’ of various ages and very smart and well-spoken Waiting Staff in the obligatory Black and White, but we were made to feel very welcome and the cakes were VERY nice. I wish I could remember what we had this day, but I can’t!

After Lunch, we returned to the hotel and watched from our balcony then indoors as a storm swept through, didn’t mind really as it was forecast and did clear the air. The rain came in fits and starts all night so we took the car to the Sonne for our evening meal, sitting at an indoor table.

Friday 6th July  Still Resting, well, we are on Holiday!

It’s still raining this morning, though the wind has died down quite a bit and as the morning progressed the weather improved as forecast and we decided to go back to the Klimt Cafe for more Cakes and Tea. We sat inside this time as the Gazebo and the front canopy were full, and the other outside seating and tables had puddles and leaves etc from this morning. My turn to select the cakes, Julie got a cake slice, a Chocolate base layer with raspberry and cream layers, topped with jelly and pieces of fresh fruit, the outside being decimated coconut! It must have been horrible as She devoured it quickly so no one else had to, so thoughtful my Wife! I had a ‘Strawberry Omelette’ a disc of sponge about 4″ dia folded over with fresh strawberry cream filling and big pieces of very flavourful strawberries to top it.

Saturday 7th July  A surprise before Breakfast, Tour of some of the Lakes, some Winkles and an ‘athalon.

Most of this week, we have noticed that one of the Lady Guests at the Hotel has been coming into Breakfast with wet hair, Julie concluded that She’d been swimming in the Lake every morning as there were quite a few of the guests that did swim from the ‘Beach’ (Lawn with a swim ladder).

Well this morning I was leaning on the balcony looking out at the lake, just before we went down for Breakfast when I noticed somebody beyond the Willow Trees in the lawn walking towards the Swim ladder, Doubletake as I told Julie that ‘Oh, there’s that Lady going swimming now’,’ in the Nude?’. “Pardon? Where?” Yup, She was shielded from the road by the Trees, but not from our room balcony! Went down to Breakfast having just got a glimpse of the Ladies Rear-view, and sure enough about 30 minutes later in she came to the Breakfast room. Eyes front, look directly into your Wife’s eyes and try not to giggle!

We went for a drive today, clockwise around the Lake just past the Southern tip and turned left at Unterach to go Westwards for a little and then followed the Mondsee anticlockwise up the Eastern shore to Mondsee itself, then down the Western shore through Schwarzindien and Plomberg then Scharfling, leaving the lake at Eisenaueralm to follow the road onwards through Winkl (No tittering at the back please) to the Wolfgangsee at Brunnwinkle.

Ok, I’m cheating, in real time I’m sat on Julie’s sofa in Basingstoke toggling between WordPress and Google Maps and following the route we took. We didn’t have any set plans, just to see where we ended up!

After Brunnwinkle, we drove on through the town of St Gilgen and decided to stop at a lakeside Cafe if we could find one. There’s a Cable Car! Where? says I, Above that coach we’re following! and sure enough, there was, right across the main road. The coach turned off, and we followed it but couldn’t find anywhere to park within a reasonable walking distance of the lakeside or cable car so drove on down the lakeside through Franzosenschanze and Strobl and then after we left the Wolfgangsee onward to Bad Ischl.

We have already been to the Hallstatter See on our last trip to the area ((I Was going to post a link here, but just realised that although I wrote a travelogue, I wasn’t on WordPress then so it is only on my computer somewhere, I’ll have to try and publish it soon)) so instead of turning Right, turned Left to head up to the Traunsee, arriving at the Southern point at Ebensee. The road takes you up the Western Shore, the mountains coming right down to the lakeside in places so the road goes through tunnels at those places, though at Traunkirchen the old road still follows the lakeside whilst the modern wide road goes through the tunnel, the old road being for local traffic and cyclists only.

When we got to Altmunster, we were stopped by a middle-aged fellow who calmly walked out in front of the car and put his hand up! No uniform but a camera around his neck, and Loads of people milling around, quite a few of them carrying oars and sculls. The reason he stopped the traffic was to allow a young man carrying a single sculling boat out of the entrance of the rowing club and cross the road, where there were a collection of trailers for all sorts of boats lined up. He apologised before letting us carry on, explaining there was a race on today.

We followed the road on and into Gmunden at the head of the Lake, we’ve been here before and know an Italian Cafe on the promenade almost right next to the underground multistory car park that I actually remembered my way to! Traunseegarage, Kursaalgasse, Gmunden, Austria

Parked up on the lower floor, hoping there wasn’t going to be a flood as we’re 8 floors below the level of the lake (and it’s a long walk back to the UK from here,) and took the lift up and out onto the promenade, turned left and there was the cafe, complete with an empty table just for us. Cafe Kandur on the corner of Sparkassegasse

The promenade was very busy, people everywhere, inflatable arches and a P.A. system playing music, then a commentator who sounded like he was welcoming competitors home at the end of a race. Can’t be we thought, there’s no area taped off and crowds milling about everywhere. Can be! there was some form of ‘athalon ending here, some of the runners being accompanied by their Coaches on bicycles and fighting their way through the crowds to the finish line! Sometimes it is a real pain not understanding another language, and sometimes like this, it is quite an education, we would have stayed clear but missed the spectacle, and the lunch was delicious. (As was the cake for pudding.)

After a while of OUR favourite sport of People Watching, we went for a wander around the lower reaches of the town, finding most of the shops closed presumably because of the ‘athalon! Retraced our steps to the carpark and after finding out that the Lift buttons only cover 4 floors! We were told by a very nice man that floor -8 is really -4 1/2! Level -4 brings you out at -7 then walk down a slope to -8! We found the car ok (dry, thankfully) and made our way out of Gmunden, taking the Autobahn back across to the Attersee and onward to Weyregg.

A beautiful Sunset viewed from our balcony this evening

Image may contain: sky, cloud, twilight, tree, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

Sunday 8th July.  Rest day

Having a rest day today as for the next 3 days I’ll be driving! We wandered along to the Eichorn cafe / Gelateria 4 door up for lunch, Julie had a Sundae and I had Waffles, Ice cream and Hot Fresh Cherries and Cherry Juice, the Waffle was in the round, with 3 scoops of ice cream as a ‘snowman’ in the middle and the Cherries and Juice were served in a mini gravy Boat. VERY nice.

Wandered back to The Strand and collected the car, drove to the Fuel Station to fill up with diesel only to find the Automat for the fuel has a blanking plug in the card slot, and I wasn’t about to put a €100.00 note in only to find it didn’t give or have the correct change! Instead drove on to Seewalchen and used the conventional petrol station there. I had my Union Flag stickpin badge on, and the Cashier addressed me in English as I walked into the shop, saves a lot of embarrassment this badge. Returned to the Hotel and chilled, then about 6pm we walked along to The Sonne and sat in the Garden for our meal, strolled back afterwards and decided that as we were not in a hurry, we could pack our cases and overnight bags just as well on Monday Morning.

The evening wasn’t as clear or the sunset as pretty on this our last evening though.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

We Start our journey back to Basingstoke tomorrow.

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