That was a hectic day!

Went to the Scillies again Yesterday, this had been mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago before I went off on a Weeks course to renew my Gas Acreditation, what with that then a Weekend up country with my Lady Wife and then Easter on my own the following weekend I forgot all about it!

What am I doing over there? I asked our Service Controller when I received the Flight ticket by Email, “oh, they want all their equipment servicing” was the reply. This particular Hotel has 3 of 30lb and one 20lb load Tumble Driers (2 Hours each), and Two 32lb load and one 16lb load Washing Machines (45 Minutes each). Que stunned silence! Oh, and they have a detergent dosing problem with one or two of the Washing Machines as well!

How long am I there for? ” Just one Day, is that a problem?”

The Lady is just doing Her job, She does not deserve a Tirade or getting cross or being sworn at, ‘How many machines are showing up on the computer?’ “Only Three, Two Washing Machines and a Drier” Oh Shit! Easy day that’d be, no wonder nothing more was flagged about it, The Lady must have thought I was ignoring Her as She said “You still there, is there a problem?” ‘Yes to both!’ I managed to squeak, Can you please look up their previous owner’s trading name The Hotel on the Isle, St ***’

“Hang on a minute. Oh here it is, there’s another Drier here, will you have time to do this as well?” ‘Oh there’s more than that says I, our records are out of date by at least a Decade’.

Upshot being it’s too late to change anything, My relief for area is on Holiday and staying overnight is out as it’s the Easter School Holidays and the Hotel is full, the Flight and Boat is booked and I’m on a hiding to nothing.

But Wait, it gets better, Much ‘better’!

Left home at 06:10 for a 7am check in, arrived at 7 to find 3 of our vans in the Airport car park. Oh good thinks I, Help is available! Umm No, they’re not coming with me they’re installing equipment on the main Island for 3 days and can’t spare anyone for today!

We were delayed by low cloud, and so late in taking off and landing, Caught a shuttle bus down to the Harbour and luckily the boat waited for me at the Quayside! Received a phone call from the Hotel I was going to at 9:09 to tell me that the boat would be there at 9 O’Clock to collect me. .. Ummm, I’m on the boat now.

So arrived on the Island I’m working on at about 9:30 and got straight to work. Investigated a detergent dosing problem and Serviced Three 30lb Driers, 2 Hours or so per Drier and stopped at about 15:45, just taking my Overalls (Coverall in American) off and the Housekeeper comes through and asks me what time my boat was to go back. ‘I hope you could tell me’ Why, what time is your flight? ‘You booked it, don’t you know?’ Oops I’d better go check!

Now I knew it was at 17:35 as I had the ticket, so check in at 16:35, so the boat had to be at 16:00 to get me back for my return Shuttle bus from the Quay at St Marys.

15:50 now, ‘We’ve made you a cup of Tea’ I’m told, ‘and your boat will be here at 16:30’.

“WTF?? That’s no good! I have to be at the Airport for 16:35!”

So, I’m half way through my tea, (First sniff of a drink all day since I left the mainland) they’ve phoned the Shuttle bus driver and asked him to wait, when I get a text from the boat company telling me they’ve just left another nearby island and will be at the Hotel’s Quay in a couple of minutes but don’t say anything.

Picked up my tool bag, Overalls, and folder and walked down the Quay to the end and this Jet Boat comes round the corner almost on it’s side, glides to an elegant stop right alongside me and I climbed aboard. I’m glad I wasn’t paying for the fuel on the trip back to St Marys! Climbed up the Granite steps from the boat at St Marys Quay and the bus is waiting for me.

Fastest trip I’ve ever had in a vehicle over there up to the Airport and walked up to the Check in desk at 17:00. The new young Lady looked up, jumped out of Her seat, shot out to the staff area shouting “It’s ok, He’s Got Here!” Quickest check in ever, had to be weighed myself which meant one of the baby planes, but that’s ok.

Got my boarding card and walked through to the coffee shop and knowing I wouldn’t have time for a Coffee got a Caramel Slice, Lunch! Before I could take a bite they called my flight so I spent the pre-flight safety briefing Video wolfing down my Slice, just got the last bite-full in and out we walked to the Aircraft!

Sure enough was one of the Smaller ones, sat in the last but one row from the back, Row 3.

The Pilot sits in Row one.

We landed ok and I left the Car park at 17:50, Had to get Fuel on the way home so went to a Store fuel station and used their car wash as well.

Got home at 19:08, then had to cook my evening meal!

NOT the most calming day that I’ve ever had, but a lot of people ( NOT the customer ) went out of their way to help me without being asked and for that I’m very grateful.

The Islands are a small community, and by the time I was at the Airport people were telling me who cocked up and they wouldn’t be allowed to forget it!

17 Years of chatting to people and making a lot of friends obviously helps.

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