More time on Tresco

Found my Bag along with my room key waiting for me in reception (unmanned at this time)

Not that I’m known over here or anything!

Up to my room and unpacked, showered & changed then down to the pub bar and ordered my evening meal at 7pm.

Over the next few days, I’ve got a couple of more pictures, one from my room window looking out across Tresco Sound ( not noise, the maritime kind of sound) and another of the Harbour at New Grimsby amongst others.

Now don’t ask me what the names of the plants are, I don’t think they are really called ‘Cabbage looking succulents with petals or leaves that feel like shoe leather’ but that’s what they are!

A lot of the vegetation including the trees pictured have been planted during the 17 Years I have been coming here, as there has been a lot of expansion of the facilities and accommodation. The Concrete road is the main road throughout the Island and the Tractors with the trailers attached are the Buses.

The Main Road, being Concrete doesn’t like the Salt air much, nor the occasional frosts that seem to be more common nowadays, even here out in the Gulf Stream! The photo’s I’ve taken seem to have all the poor bits of road in them! It’s not that bad really and they are patched pretty quickly.

This really is a unique place.

That above is the supermarket, a surprising array of products, with surprising prices to match!

Below is the Lake at the almost centre of the Island, known as Great Pool.

And of course the local Buses, there are also much smaller ones, based on small vans.

And this is where I’ve spent most of the week, working in the Cottage Laundry.

From my room, I got a view over the rooftops of part of the Harbour in Old Grimsby,

but this is a better view! Large and industrial it isn’t.

Wiltshire may have Stonehenge, and Cornwall its Cheesewring, but Tresco has Little Henge! Clue, it is a LOT newer than the other two!

It’s not always the Dry and Sunny, got soaked last evening talking to my wife on the phone as there are only mobile signals on EE and O2 in exposed parts of the Island, ok for a getaway but a pain (at times) when you’re working!

Left the Island on the 13:30 boat and got off at St Marys Harbour That’s the Cyclone Jet Boat in the picture below, (My personal water Taxi, well I was the only passenger!) followed by a view of the outer part of the Harbour complete with the Lifeboat.

Waited a short while for the Minibus shuttle up to the Airport where I’m now sat in the Cafe waiting for my flight to be called. Victoria sponge cake and a Large Latte, very nice it was too.

I’ll be back here in a weeks time (St Marys that is) for a one day job.

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