Hey Ho, more time in paradise!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted last year’s Holiday but my dearest Mother in Law was taken ill whilst we were away and Died not long after we returned, sortof killed the moment really, so am writing this entry of a work trip to an Island in the Atlantic to see if I can get my waffling Mojo back!

Monday 5th February 2018

Set off from home at 06:15 to drive to Lands End Airport, getting there 55 minutes later.

It’s not that far, only 28 Miles or so, but after Penzance the A30 road is a back lane all the way.

Checked in at 7:15 for my 8:15 Flight, Large Latte and a Bacon Roll later and caught the plane. Big one this time (Relatively speaking, 18 seater!) very wet still, was teeming down with Rain up till now and landed ok on St Marys.

Caught the 15 seat shuttle bus put on for me down to the Harbour then one of Tresco Islands own Jet Boats again the only passenger. I know how to travel, or is it something that no one is telling me?

Worked through to 16:30 then walked up to the Pub, the New Inn where I’m staying until Thursday and Flying back Thursday afternoon.

I’ve had worse walks ‘home’ from work, but glad the rain dried up!

I’ll try and get some more pictures of the Island if the Weather holds during the next few days.

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