A different Island this time 

Off to the beautiful Isles of Scilly again today, the Island of St.Martins this time to the Hotel there.

Was weighed at check in so that means we are going on a Baby Plane, (they weigh you to balance the plane!) a British Norman Islander BN-2B with a maximum of 9 people on board including the Pilot. (Well, 10 if they had a copilot .)

Boat transfer should be interesting today as we are forecast Gales and Rain this afternoon.

Flight out ok, boat transfer to St. Martins was by a ‘Jet Boat’ from Tresco Boat Services, Oh Dear I was the only passenger! The water wasn’t too bad this morning and the sun was shining so being inside the Cabin it was ok.

Did what I went for and finished earlier than expected, Caught a tripper boat back to St. Marys, the wind had got up and so had the waves And it was an open boat!
If you ever travel between the Islands at any time of Year and even on a dead flat Sea day, I would strongly recommend wearing a splash proof jacket and having a hat available, as especially when rounding the end of an Island into open water the spray can soak you in an instant! I’ve seen many day trippers and Holidaymakers soaked to the skin over the Years, usually in the height of Summer, luckily I was tipped off about this before I went the first time.
Boy had the wind got up by the time we got back to the Quay at St Marys, waited for the shuttle bus back to the Airport in the sunshine and out of the wind quite pleasantly until I had to round the building to get on the bus. Brrr that North wind is bleddy cold!
Of course the Airport is on top of a hill so had to almost run in to the Terminal on arrival.
Managed to get booking changed from 18:00 flight to 16:15, it was now 15:15 so just had to get a Coffee and something to eat as hadn’t eaten since grabbing a sandwich at 06:50 and I was famished!
Flew back on one of the ‘Big’ planes, a Twin Otter 18 seats and a pet kennel. No ‘Trolly Dollies’ on this Airline!
That was a bumpy flight, 28 Miles or so at 1000 Feet of cross wind, ENE into a Northerly wind led to a few lumps and bumps of air to fly through.
To quote one of their Pilots on a previous trip “Any one could fly a 747 as it flies itself, these planes and this route are what Pilots train for, that’s why I am here”.
Landed on the runway Starboard wheel first then a bump as the other wheel came down to Earth, it don’t get boring working here.
Uneventful drive home so 11&1/4 Hours of variety today!
Sorry there’s no pics today, best time to take them would have been on the open tripper boat this p.m. but I wasn’t going to get soaked standing up, not even for you!

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