Wasser Wasser everywhere.

Black Forest or lost.

Wednesday 1st June 2016

After coming back through Triberg Yesterday, we realised that that was where reputably the highest Waterfalls in Germany are, though we weren’t in a fit state to look at them by then anyway so off we went today to go and have a look for ourselves.

After reading various reviews on line and finding scant information about distance from and cost of parking etc. we went up through Triberg to the top of the first cascades on the B500 and found free parking and access to the path that runs right down alongside the river into the town. There is a toilet available at a little kiosk shop/drinks outlet adjacent to the small carpark but of course both were closed!

Gosh this path is steep! Only managed about 200M down it and we were both struggling to stand, let alone walk so turned round and shuffled back to the car to try lower down.

DSC00088Took this last one looking back up the path, the two tree trunks on the Left of the path are vertical!

Had read that the mid level has the best access, being almost level and suitable for wheelchair access so we set off there,

Pay and display parking, 75C for the first hour so after paying 90C (pay and display, no change) went to go and have a look.

The path takes you down to a little wooden toll kiosk where you pay for access to the waterfalls, we knew they weren’t really free so coughed up to the Fenella look-alike (Chorlton and the wheelies, Oh never mind) and walked on down the gentle slope.

There are two bridges over the falls, this path takes you to the upper one and the next one is about30M below it, they are situated at the place of the prettiest cascades, so we were in the right place then.

These are two pictures of the falls above the upper bridge…

And these Four are looking from there down to the Lower Bridge.

As the water floods over the rocks, at this time it was about 400mm deep which is quite a significant volume of water as it was travelling fast, I mean Really Fast as it has already come down about 70M of cascades by then. Lovely bridges, Wooden superstructure and solid handrails so a pleasure to lean on. Would have liked to linger longer but being decrepit the call of nature was calling. We drove on down into the town and parked in the central 3 level car park, had read it was a long way from the Falls and expensive but 50 Metres and €3 for the hours we were there didn’t seem bad to me!

It’s amazing whose poster you see on village noticeboards…

Public toilets next to the car park and a little kiosk with tables and chairs from a Pizzeria over the road provided relief and cups of tea. An Ice cream on departure was very well received as was the performance of the clock built into the first floor facade of the shop opposite.


This is close on the epicentre of Cuckoo Clock building and certainly retailing so of course there was a Cuckoo clock complete with Teddy type bears on a carousel , one hitting things (Building clocks of course!) and one being on a swing, all set in motion every ¼ hour. This in addition to the one dressed as a mountain climber who constantly climbed to the top of the building before abseiling down. All these bears were about 2M high so quite a show from the other side of the road where we sat sipping Tea while others stood in the middle of the main road peering up!

Bought postcards and looked through a few tourist shops, then went into the ‘House of a Thousand clocks http://www.hausder1000uhren.de/index.php?language=en that has the external automatons and had a good mooch round on the lower levels. Saw a few clocks that I liked but every time you spent more than 30s looking at one, this annoying little man would come and set it off for you whether you wanted or not! Such an array of such differing types of clock that I left totally confused as to what I wanted.

Luckily they have another outlet on the way back to our hotel with free parking at Gremmelsbach, we parked at this end of the building and went into the quiet shop.. only us

House of 1000 clocks gremmelsbach_gross

and a totally non pushy American lady who explained every thing carefully and gave me time to chose and buy the clock I wanted at my own pace.

Left there with a lighter wallet, having been charged in Sterling and with a very well packed clock (packed as for posting but sitting in the boot of the car) and returned to our hotel, passing the Open air museum on the way, our possible target for tomorrow.

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