Take me to your Gateaux

Black Forest or lost.

Sunday 29th May 2016

Cologne to Schiltach.

Woke up before Julie (thank goodness) and retrieved the Gift bag, card and poem card from my Laptop case and the Jewellery case from my Wash bag and assembled them together with the two little teddies I had hidden in my Holdall as it’s our 40th Wedding Anniversary today!

All this being done VERY quietly whilst the kettle was boiling for a cup of Tea, First things First, I know how to survive!

A pair of Ruby Stud earrings, Dark solitaire Rubies. Julie doesn’t wear much jewellery so my choice is limited, No brooches, not enough fingers for more rings, Watch on one wrist and Medic-alert bracelet on the other and currently not wearing Necklaces!

What’s a Guy to do? I’ve had these Earrings for a couple of Years now, so imagine my dis-comfort when I asked Her about 2 months ago what she wanted for Her Birthday (10 days ago)? Guess what, Earrings! Had a brain wave then went white then did what all husbands should do and went out and complied, managed to still surprise her though, as it is a significant Birthday so Diamonds it was then.

After a good breakfast and loading our bits into the car, we made our way down to the Black Forest without getting lost today.

On arrival at Tea time we unloaded out bags and cases (the hotel has its small car park alongside it and there is a bigger one just 30M away) and whilst Julie was putting our exchanged cards and the Teddies on the Desk in the room and about to open the cards we brought with us from family, I assembled and gave Her a second gift bag almost identical to the first. Can I help it being Romantic?

Two Hotels on our Anniversary? Got to be Two cards, Two poem cards and Two sets of Ruby earrings doesn’t it? These are studs again, but not Dark solitaires but Rose Ruby Tudor Roses with a Diamond centres. The Tudor Rose is the symbol of Hampshire, and Julie is My Hampshire Rose so there you go. My Yorkshire relatives will be excommunicating me at this rate! (I was born in Leeds, and the Yorkshire Rose is a White one.)

We had eaten Lunch on the way at a Services so had a quiet evening reading and dosing. Well we are in our Sixties now! (OK only Just in our 60s but we are on Holiday.)

This is a view of the village,

And this is our Hotel  http://www.weysses-roessle.de/en/


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