Not a lot of cake but half a cow of cream, and the Town Museum.

Black Forest or lost.

Monday 30th May 2016.

Rest Day.

After two days in the car driving down, we had a ‘local’ day.

Walked into the centre of the village up and down some alarming angles of the cobbled streets, had to chose the lower route as the higher route with a view of, and along ,the valley defeated us both.

Too steep a hill at both ends.

We looked at the Apothecary Museum but it is closed Mondays so went into the Town Museum instead.

Very interesting, but spread over 4 floors so we left the top floor, as to get to the lower one we had climbed nearly a storey from the road level and ALL the steps and stairs were very steep.

The town (Village) had a fire in the 1500’s when almost all the houses were lost so a serving girl from out of the local area got the blame and there are paintings and engravings of Her pouring hot coals on the roofs of the town being egged on by the Devil. Of course it must have been Her fault so she was executed 5 days later. What I want to know is why were she and the Devil portrayed in the pictures as being naked?

There are also a log rafting and sawmill museum and even a Bathroom museum in the village as well. The bathroom museum is in the factory of Hansgrohe, who make fixtures and fittings for bathrooms and toilets etc. You can go there and try out their showers etc. free if you wish, those that know me will know why we didn’t.

We just had to try the Coffee Bean coffee shop and Cafe in the Market Square , Tea came in a tall glass with an uht coffee cream peel-top pot, a recurring theme in Germany, they have Milk available but generally don’t give you it! And of course it would have been rude not to have tried their version of a Black Forest Gateau.

Very nice, but not a lot of cake but half a cow of cream, fresh Black Cherry on the top of each slice and the cherry layer near the bottom was in the form of a Jelly?! Not at all what we were expecting but as I say Very Nice each to their own.

Went back to the Hotel after this lunch of cake and slobbed out reading until evening.

The restaurant at our hotel is not open Mondays so on the Hotel owners recommendation we went to the Gasthaus Sonne for our evening meal as they also have a public restaurant. Very enjoyable meal and wine so back to base and zonked out.

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