Lost again , got flashed and the cable car.

Black Forest or lost.

Tuesday 31st May 2016

Set off this morning for the Cable Car up the Schauinsland mountain south of Freiburg. (Why does this spellcheck come up with Beefburger for Freiburg?)

Used Mrs Satnav again, this was ok until we were coming into the outskirts of Freiburg and took the wrong turn off a slip road and ended up coming down the Autobahn instead of the B road we were on!

No harm done, Mrs Satnav sorted us out and we continued through the city as the mountain is on the southern side via the suburbs.

When going through the city through the usual bewildering array of sign posts, Umwelt (low emission) Zones and differing speed limits I got flashed by a roadside street-light mounted thingy. Didn’t look like a speed camera though, so hopefully was taking a picture of our Umwelt sticker.

(We have a Green one for this car so can go right into City centres, the last car had a Yellow one which meant outskirts only.) If I get a Speeding ticket then so be it, Satnav said it was a 50kph area but could have been changed and by this time I was confused as heck, some 50, some 30kph but this was on an urban dual carriageway in a cutting through the city centre so I’d have thought 50 (30mph).

The route out of the City centre took us along a tram line so have to give way to trams, Not a real problem but I’m always a bit cautious of them. They’re big heavy and hard and it’s a long walk home.

Part of this road goes through a small Three arched gateway (presumably an old section of City wall), the centre arch that you drive through is only wide enough for one car and bang in the middle of the road so going out you have to give way to cars coming the other way. Not a problem in a left hand drive car as you can see what’s coming but all I could see was a stone wall!

Found the lower terminal of the Schauinsland cable car www.schauinslandbahn.de/en/, and parked up in an almost deserted car park.

Paid for our return fare, didn’t fancy the Scooter ride or Mountain Bike hire option for getting down, and we went and sat in a waiting cable car on our own. No-one else came so the doors closed and off we went, 750 Metres up over 3.6kM length Nice views, despite a little drizzle.

Got to the top station and exited the car to find there was a coach load of Kids there, luckily waiting to go back down, and we went to the Restaurant for a BFG and Tea. Yes, I know, we’re predictable but I don’t care and you don’t have to read this.

After the cobbles of Schiltach yesterday I was wearing my knee splint again so we decided not to go the further leg onwards and upwards to climb the viewing tower as Julie doesn’t like heights, and I wouldn’t have made it to the top!

Tried to get some descriptive photos from the Cafe Balcony, not very good, the white sky isn’t sky as such, it’s the bottom of the cloud layer that was only another few hundred feet above us!

Blackforest mountains from schaunislandbahn

Freiburg from the Cafe on the Mountain

That’s the City of Freiburg below us and the nearest southern hills of the Forest beyond looking North West towards The Rhine and Strasbourg.

A pretty stream on the way down, and that Pylon is viewed looking down from the Cable Car, can’t have been easy installing that one!

Went down the way we came up and sat and studied the map, didn’t want to go back into the City and risk getting flashed again, and wanted to come back a different route anyway so followed the road we were on over said mountain, past the upper station and down the other side!

Down to Todtnau, left through Feldberg to Titisee (via a diversion East past Neustadt (No it’s not the WRONG way, it’s just a habit I’m developing) then hung a Right up the B500 to come back via Triberg and Gutach.

Back in plenty of time for our meal but it felt like a very long day indeed.. Good though.

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